Situation update for the Covid Vaccine in Eastfield House Surgery

You will be aware of the exciting news that the NHS is rolling out a vaccination program for the COVID-19 virus. You might be aware that this is going to be run by a number of hospital sites, clusters of GPs and later mass vaccination sites too.

Eastfield House is linked with Downland Practice and Strawberry Hill Medical Centre in a Primary Care Network (PCN).

The final details of the program for GP clusters or PCNs came out on Friday evening. Over the weekend and again on Monday the practice studied and discussed how we might deliver the vaccination safely and at the same time not destabilise the practice’s every day work.

Unfortunately the deadline for agreeing to do this work was midnight, Monday 7th December and we have yet to find a solution. We have written to the NHS asking for more time to iron out a number of significant issues with them and are hopeful that over the coming days and weeks we will reach a satisfactory conclusion. Rest assured that we are committed to our patients receiving a Covid-19 vaccination in a timely manner.

We will keep you informed on the website as things develop.

Eastfield House Surgery
8th December 2020