Surgery Mission Statement

Eastfield House Surgery is a traditional yet forward thinking GP practice. We aim to maintain the best of the traditional GP role whilst keeping an objective, open minded approach to running the business.

We run personal lists which we believe give a number of clinical and personal benefits. Appointments are bookable on line and up to two months ahead. In addition to this, patients are offered urgent on the day slots which keep us up to date with our workload and has resulted in our excellent patient access record.

We use the EMISWeb clinical system and have a modern and comprehensive IT infrastructure. We were one of the first practices to earn 3 year Data Accreditation in our area. We are users of Docman in our quest to reduce printed paper.

Our practice has geared itself up for an increasing range of preventive general practice work over the years, resulting in maximum or near maximum QoF points every year.

We undertake a wide range of enhanced services – usually as many as are offered to us to take up.

We are an active part of our local commissioning group, Berks West CCG (BWCCG).

Team work is at the core of the practice, with clinical and business management responsibilities being rotated on an annual basis. There are regular Partnership meetings, together with the practice manager, and a variety of regular clinical and administrative meetings with other members of the practice team. In addition, we arrange in-house educational meetings with visiting clinicians.

We provide a consistently high level of care across all fronts. We aim to include patients at every stage of their care, ensuring they are included in any decisions made about them and their views are heard and listened to. We will ensure all our patients are kept safe, providing a caring ethos and, as a practice, we are responsive and effective.

We understand that patient confidentiality is of the highest priority to our patients, and ensure that our staff are well trained in information governance.

We are committed to:

  • Involve our patients fully in the care they receive
  • Treat our patients as individuals, with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Give them full information about the services we provide
  • Provide them with the most appropriate treatment and advice.
  • We encourage heath promotion and education in the community.

We enable patient access to health records (subject to the requirements and limitations of the law) and will always treat them as strictly confidential.

We provide a safe and secure environment for our staff, patients and visitors.We have an excellent workforce and work hard to retain, support, develop and motivate the Eastfield House team.

We strive to meet all core GMS standards and key targets, and additional QoF, Enhanced Services, CQC requirements, Information Governance requirements etc.

Our aim is to continue to provide the very highest level of service whilst adhering to all the new rules and regulations that are imposed on us.