Covid Vaccination Invitation for Cohort 5 and 6

You may have heard in the news of the plan for the next cohorts of patients to be invited forward for the COVID vaccination.

GP surgeries have been asked by NHS England to invite all patients aged 16-65 with underlying health conditions (Cohort 6). For more information on which conditions are in this group please see the link below:

We will begin inviting this group of patients this week. Please do not contact the surgery regarding this. We will be running searches on our patient list to identify all patients who fall into these groups. If you are eligible to receive the vaccine you will receive an invitation from us shortly. It will take a few weeks to get through this cohort so please do not worry if you do not hear immediately. We will be in touch.

If you are aged 65-69 (Cohort 5) you will receive an invitation from one of the mass sites in the coming days. The nearest are in Reading, Basingstoke and Oxford. If you prefer to attend the service led by us at the racecourse, you can of course do so. Please let us know and we will add you to our call list.

If you are in cohorts 1-4 and have not heard from us yet, please do get in touch via the website and we will ensure you receive your vaccination as a priority.

Please do not contact the surgery to ask about your vaccine unless you are aged 70 or over. When it is your turn, we will be in touch.

Many thanks for your patience regarding this programme.